REN's dividend policy depends on a number of factors, including its distributable profits, its financial situation, financing needs (in particular, capital expenditure and investment plan), its business perspectives, conditions applicable to the pursuit of its activities and other factors deemed as relevant at the time of the allocation of results. The dividend is paid once a year typically 30 days after the General Shareholder Meeting. Historically, with the purpose to maintain an attractive dividend that falls within the range of its peers, REN has offered shareholders an annual dividend distribution from approximately 60% to 80% of its net results, as shown in the table below. Until 2018, REN plans to maintain the nominal dividend per share year on year at 17.1 cents, providing one of the highest dividend yields in the industry.

In respect of 2016, REN´s Board of Directors will propose to the General Shareholders' Meeting the payment of a dividend of 17.1 cents per share.

Dividend's evolution

For the year Amount (€M) Gross dividend per share Pay-out ratio Dividend Yield Ex-Dividend Date Payment Date Type Press release
2016 0.171€* Ordinary
2015 91.31 0.171€ 79% 6.1% 28APR16 02MAY16 Ordinary PDF
2014 91.31 0.171€ 81% 7.1% 11MAY15 13MAY15 Ordinary PDF
2013 91.31 0.171€ 75% 7.6% 25APR14 30APR14 Ordinary PDF
2012 90.78 €0.170 73% 8.3% 22MAY13 27MAY13 Ordinary PDF
2011 90.25 €0.169 75% 8.0% 17APR12 20APR12 Ordinary PDF
2010 89.71 €0.168 81% 6.5% 09MAY11 12MAY11 Ordinary PDF
2009 89.18 €0.167 67% 5.6% 08APR10 13APR10 Ordinary PDF
2008 88.11 €0.165 69% 5.8% 22APR09 27APR09 Ordinary PDF
2007 87.04 €0.163 60% 4.5% 23MAY08 28MAY08 Ordinary PDF


* Dividend that the board of directors will propose in the general shareholders meeting.