Audit Committee



Audit Committee

The General Shareholders Meeting held on 17th April 2015 elected the corporate bodies of REN for the term-of-office corresponding to the three-year-period 2015-2017.

As such, until the end of the current term-of-office (2015-2017), the Audit Committee will consist of the following members:

Name Age Post First Year Election Year Term Mandate Curriculum
Manuel Sebastião (Independent) 67 Member of Audit Committee 2015 2017 CV
Gonçalo Gil Mata (Independent) 47 Member of the Audit Comitee 2015 2017 CV
Maria Estela Barbot (Independent) 58 Member of the Audit Comitee 2015 2017 2017-03-17141601_a5ab58b5-d9c7-4be7-8446-b08d2cb7044e$$e9154a3a-3936-4c22-ba77-6e4c940191df$$816833A7-A5BE-45C4-9D1B-D8605C553F43$$en_gbDoc$$pt$$1

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