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"Heroes of all Kinds" initiative is present at GREENFEST


"Heroes of All Kinds", an educational initiative developed by REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais, with the support of the Ministry of Environment and of the Ministry of Education, took place today (6 June) at Tibães Monastery, in Braga, integrated in the 12th edition of GREENFEST. Around 100 students from primary schools in the district of Braga were able to watch a play, which made young people aware of the importance of protecting biodiversity, preserving the Portuguese forest and protecting animal and plant species that are threatened or endangered.

Designed to complement the schools' programmes, this programme's actions use an interactive and dynamic approach, promoting environmental awareness and a sense of responsibility among the young. The featured species are the Iberian Lynx, the Great Bustard, the Iberian Wolf, Bonelli's Eagle, the Black Stork, the Holly, the Cork Oak, the Holm Oak, and the Strawberry Tree. The programme includes a website ( created to enable schools and children to access all games and materials.

The presence of "Heroes of All Kinds" at GREENFEST is yet another evidence of REN's strong commitment to biodiversity and environmental education. GREENFEST defines itself as "the largest sustainability event in the country", annually celebrating the best of what is done with regard to sustainability in its environmental, social and economic facets. "Water Planet" is the major topic this year. Water is a consensual source of life and, for all reasons, in 2019, GREENFEST chose it as the core area for reflection.

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