REN has an active role in technological innovation and development of the energy sector, through participation in projects or developing new differentiating solutions with current and future impact on the company's performance and activity in the areas of electricity and natural gas.

During 2015, is to highlight the active participation of REN in the following projects:

As a TSO, REN has present the importance of the participation in European projects, particularly in the context of the 7th framework programme of the European Commission (FP7), stands out in 2015 for the completion of Project E-Highway2050 (2012-2015).

Released to 3 and a half years ago, the e-Highway2050 project-Modular Development Plan of the Pan-European Transmission System 2050, partially funded by the European Commission, is an innovative project and of great relevance for the European TSOs, whose main challenge was the definition of the type of infrastructure that Europe should have in 2050

For this achievement, throughout these months of work, the partners of this project including 28 electricity transmission operators, energy associations, a non-governmental organization, academic institutions and companies had worked in order to map a joint implementation plan, on the Horizon 2020-2050, a new planning methodology for a modular and robust expansion of the Pan-European network.

The REN lead one of the work packages, WP4-validation of the operation and implementation of the scenarios projected for 2050 network.

It was in this context that in may 2015 that REN received the Steering Committee of this European project, which preceded the attainment of a final Conference in Brussels in November 2015, for the presentation of the main results achieved published that can be found at the official site of the project-http://www.e

In the final stage, is the project iTESLA (2012-2015) coordinated by RTE (France), which involved a total of 20 participants, including REN, this project aims to develop and validate a flexible Toolbox, with 2015 on the horizon, may support the future operation of a pan-European electricity transport network, promoting greater coordination/harmonisation of procedures between network operators.

Examples of other European projects in which REN participates, is the case of the EUPORIAS Project (2012-2017)-European Regional Impacts Assessments on Provision Of Seasonal and Decadal Timescales

This is a project coordinated by the MET OFFICE (UK) and with the involvement of 24 participants of whom REN as Stakeholder.

Aims, explore the value of seasonal and weather forecasts for decades in Europe. Through the access to this information, the project aims to develop methodologies to make use of such predictions, in an appropriate form and to be applicable in different sectors of national economy, clearly exposed to meteorological factors, although with different levels of sensitivity.

I&D National projects

At the national level and as usual, we have cross-cutting projects taking place in several directions techniques of REN, both in the area of transmission of electricity as gas transmission and more recently, since its creation in 2013 the current projects in Energy Research Center Inc-State Grid, s. a. (R&D Nester).

Business unit of Electricity

Smart Dip-this project, held in the framework of a doctoral thesis and aimed to develop a stochastic methodology, able to characterize a transmission of electricity as the frequency of voltage described cavas in duration and amplitude.

Lines in service performance of RNT face the lightning-the project aims to study what the relevant factors that influence the consequences of atmospheric discharges in order to determine the existence of concentrated areas of the network more sensitive in terms of atmospheric discharges, and conclude on possible solutions to minimize its impact in terms of quality of service.

Gas business unit

Substantial improvement in energy efficiency of underground gas storage facilities-With this project, we intend to investigate and simulate the technical feasibility of a new worldwide concept, the Compressed Gas Energy Storage (CGES), evaluating their potential with regard to the promotion of energy efficiency in processes of underground gas storage.

REN energy research center-State Grid, s. a. (R&D Nester)

For the activities developed during the year 2015 in R&D Nester, significant advances in developing projects with 4 results recognized by the technical-scientific community, including through several scientific papers published and presented in international conferences.

Order of renewable energy – With the goal of implementing new tools and improve existing ones to be used by the system operator, to manage high levels of intermittent renewable energy like wind power and solar energy. Additional required reserves will be provided for as well as searches on the evaluation of inertia

It should be noted, as one of the results of this project to design a new tool to forecast that production of photovoltaic solar energy has been developed '

Substation of the future aims to define and demonstrate a new concept of secondary systems, substation protection, control, monitoring and automation, which can be adopted by the transport networks, dealerships through an investigation that will result in a real-time test platform for future substations smart + generation. A new vision and technical specifications shall be defined and developed on the basis of high reliability, creativity, scalability, interoperability, standards, requirements and grounds for easy management and maintenance, based on international standards and advanced platform of ICT (information and communication technologies), providing cost-benefit optimization throughout the useful life of the assets of the transport network.

Energy storage-the main objective is to develop a methodology of energy planning Multi-Attribute for the storage of energy in transport networks. This methodology aims to identify the preferred alternatives to network planning, including the storage of energy in the perspective of the TSO's. Allied to this methodology aim to develop network analysis tools and markets that allow simulating various scenarios and optimize the planning solutions, offering a solid base to its rationale.

Simulation, planning and operation of electric power networks-This project aims to answer two infrastructure needs: the need for a real Simulator, time and power system design and set-up of a physical layer of a platform to GIVE management by implementing advanced network monitoring and control capabilities.

Partnerships and collaboration with other entities in the theme of I&D and Innovation

In the development of projects of I&D, REN and R&D Nester, in line with the company's strategy on this subject, continues to establish partnerships with academic institutions and other consulting firms specializing in engineering.

Strengthen the network of interactions with other players in the energy sector, national and international levels has been a continued bet R&D NESTER who currently integrate European innovation networks, such as the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA), European research area network SmartGrids and EnergyIN, among others as a collaborative network of national responsibility of COTEC Portugal-Business Association for innovation , where participates regularly in events promoted by this Association, as well as other initiatives.

Applications to the Sifide

System of tax incentives for Business I&D

During the year of 2015, three applications were submitted to this program of tax incentives for businesses: national grid, s.a, REN Pipelines, S.A. and REN energy research center-State Grid, S.A.

These applications include the expenses incurred with I&D activities in these companies, during the fiscal year of 2014, likely to be eligible for the purpose of obtaining tax relief under the SIFIDE/SIFIDE II.

To highlight the fact that last year, we obtained a 100% approval rate of the applications submitted, resulting in the recognition of the Certification Commission of the Sifide, the actual realization of I&D activities on REN and REN energy research center-State Grid, S.A.

Certification in IDI

At the end of 2015, the Energy Research Center Inc-State Grid, S.A. (R&D Nester) acquired the status of certified company in research, development and innovation (RDI), according to the Portuguese standard NP 4457:2007.

Since the beginning of its activity the Nester R&D recognized as strategic factor the implementation of a management system of IDI according to this benchmark, with the purpose to increase the effectiveness and performance of its activities in the search for innovative solutions in the area of energy systems, as well as to ensure a greater flow of information throughout the Organization improving the recognition and understanding of the responsibilities and interrelationships.

Focusing to an organizational culture focused on Innovation, this standard of IDI (I&D + i) inclusive of a set of good practices in order to guide the company to innovate in the form and engaging in as develops I&D activities, bearing in mind as results not only product innovation and/or process but also the organizational innovation and marketing innovation.

To this end, the IDI management system implemented, focuses on 3 organizational processes considered key in our area of action of R&D Nester:-project management of IDI, Interfaces and knowledge management and management of ideas.

It should be noted that this standard of IDI-NP4457 is compatible with the norms NP EN ISO 9001 (quality management System), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and NP 4397 (Management System of occupational health and safety), which enabled the integration in the existing QAS management system in force on REN.


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