REN has an active role in the technological innovation and development of the energy sector through its participation in projects or in developing new distinctive solutions with a current and future impact on the company's activity and performance in the areas of electricity and natural gas.

During 2012, REN participated actively in:

- the iTESLA Project: the "Innovative Tools for Electrical System Security within Large Areas (iTESLA)" project is a new European project included in the seventh European Commission Framework Programme aimed at developing and validating a flexible toolbox which on the 2015 horizon will support the future operation of pan-European electricity transmission grids;
- the MoDPEHS ("Modular Development of a pan-European Electricity Highway System 2050") Project: this project is aimed at developing the bases of a robust modular expansion of the pan-European electricity transmission grids between 2020 and 2050.

REN is also involved in a number of projects begun in previous years whose results will be important for the company's present and future activity.

In July 2011, the Planning, Strategy, Evaluation and International Relations Office (GPEARI) of the Ministry of Education and Science (MEC) considered REN one of the hundred companies in Portugal with the greatest investment in R&D in 2009. This study was based on the results of the Survey of the National Scientific and Technological Potential 2009 (IPCTN09), launched in June 2010 and targeting a total of 9,678 companies.

For more information on these projects consult the 2011 Annual Report.

R&D Center

In July 2012, REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais and the State Grid International Development (SGID) signed a Memorandum of Understanding which established a technological partnership aimed at creating an R&D centre in Portugal dedicated to energy systems. The centre is intended to become an international knowledge platform to catalyse innovative solutions and tools and apply them to the operation and planning of energy transmission grids.

REN wants this new unit to personify a new culture of creative thought by developing innovative methodologies and strategies based on the advent of new technologies and models. The resulting projects will be harmonised with the new energy paradigm with a view to a more efficient, intelligent and safer system.

The R&D centre seeks to build a "strategic triangle" by designing a network of innovation that will include prestigious universities in the area of energy systems, local industry and international R&D institutions. This "geostrategic innovation" is seen as crucial for the development of robust, interoperable global solutions.