Strategic Environmental Assessment



Strategic Environmental Assessment

The Strategic Environmental Assessment is a recent environmental policy instrument (Decree-Law 232/2007 of 15 June) designed to ensure an assessment of the environmental consequences of certain plans and programmes and their prior adoption. During the operation and grid maintenance phase there is monitoring and supervision to ensure compliance with the aims and goals defined by REN and the Environmental Impact Statement.

REN completed the second equivalent exercise with the PDIRT's 2012-2017 (2022) Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). The environmental report resulting from the environmental assessment of the new PDIRT was submitted to public consultation together with the PDIRT. This received 48 contributions, 43 of which were opinions from central and local government and five from other bodies. Most of the comments and opinions received were on the subject of "land use" (48%) and 11% of the comments came from private promoters in the special status generation area. The contributions received were considered and whenever relevant included in accordance with the final version of the PDIRT.