Main Actions Undertaken 2015



Main Actions Undertaken 2015

The growing relevance of the role of companies in society means that REN, in line with the company mission statement, has special responsibilities not only with regard to technical performance, guaranteeing supply and the reliability and safety of the transmission networks, but also on an environmental and social level.

It is REN's commitment to meet all the challenges it faces, both in relation to management as well as from an economic point of view and with regard to operating infrastructures. This approach is based on a philosophy of sustainability, with clear concern for the environment, historic and cultural heritage and the legitimate interests of the communities affected.

In 2015 with REN's support the following initiatives:

•Program WE developed throughout 2015, 30 initiatives, attended by 189 employees, under the three strands that make up, balance, equality and Inclusion.

•REN Race Club that, in 2015, saw the number of subscribers increase 75 to 77 employees.

•Second Edition of the Prize Act of REN, dedicated to the theme of active ageing, with 171 candidates across the country, over 30% compared to the first edition. First place was awarded to the Senior Troupe project, in Lisbon, followed by the project Age XXL, of Ribeira de Fráguas, and Aging project + active, Famalicão.

•Prize REN, the reward of Portugal's oldest scientific nature, that distinguishes the best masters ' theses in the field of energy carried out in Portuguese higher education institutions, celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. In addition to the first three prizes awarded to students at FEUP and University of Beira Interior, two honorable mentions were also delivered to students of the ISEL and FEUP.

•Share Program, the corporate volunteering program of REN, is based on three strands of action: education, environment and social support. Under this programme the REN volunteers participated in initiatives such as the Day of sport Tailored, clean the Tapada de Mafra, entrepreneurship programmes among young people of the Junior Achievement Portugal (, or the initiatives to combat school dropout promoted by EPIS ( In 2015, an increase of about 43% in the number of employees who participated in voluntary corporate actions (107 employees and 24 family). There was still an increase of 62% in hours of volunteering for 2014 (589 hours of employees and 115 relatives).

•1st Oncologic UMAD (Mobile home support Units) – a project of the Foundation of the Gil with the IPO, which aims to provide aid for children with chronic illness and their families after the hospital stay, ensuring his clinical and social monitoring in the home and school life.

•Support to the National Museum of ancient art in Lisbon, that REN is patron, and the Serralves Foundation in Porto.

•Sponsorship of the Olympic Committee of Portugal and the Portuguese Olympic team, within the framework of the program of preparation for the upcoming Olympic Games, which take place in 2016, in brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro.

• Project, which counts on the participation of REN, as a founding member. This is a platform developed by ICCA (International Centre for Collective Action), in partnership with the UN Global Compact and the institutional partners of the Center, with the goal of joining international efforts to combat corruption.

•Launch of the educational project Heroes of all kinds. This pedagogical initiative, aimed at children from the 3rd and 4th years of the first cycle of education across the country, intends to sensitize communities to the protection of biodiversity, preservation of Portuguese forest and conservation of animal and plant species threatened or endangered species.

•Partnership with the LIFE Elia to southern Europe, where the REN will contribute to the sharing of best practices for the conservation of Mediterranean ecosystems with their experience of the management of this type of vegetation. The agreement intends to promote and implement the creation of green corridors in wooded areas traversed by REN.

Creation of a Professorship in Biodiversity, together with the Foundation for science and technology and the University of Porto, based on three pillars: monitoring, mitigation and compensation of impacts; population ecology; and citizenship in science.

Other initiatives that, in 2015, with the support of REN:

•Partnerships with three schools of Surf of Sines

•Support for the sport of employees: MOUNTAIN BIKING, Triathlon, Running, canoeing, surfing, Futsal, Karting.

•Completion of I Trail Race of Bobcat s. Thomas

•Association Next Gift

•Project MEDEA

•1st company-partner of APSA-Portuguese Association of Asperger syndrome in the project "Casa Grande

•Youth Symphony Orchestra (OSJ)

•Project UMAD-mobile units in support of the Domicile, the Foundation of the Gil

•Project "Sports Space Adapted" the Salvador Association

•Olympic Committee of Portugal and the Portuguese Paralympic Committee of Portugal

•Big Valley Association

•Zero Waste Movement of the Association Give

•Special Education program of the College of St. Thomas

•BUS Association and community centre of Julianstown/Oak

•Donated the 10 authorities all-terrain vehicles for use by forest firefighters

•Partnership with Quercus whereby employees of REN planted 2500 trees

•WEBCegonhas Project

•Project of construction of the gas pipeline Mangualde-Celorico-Guarda, REN 28,661 planted trees