MEDEA is a Portuguese Physics Society (SPF) project, supported by REN, aiming to promote the knowledge of physics among Portuguese youth in particular and Society in general. The central focus of the MEDEA project focus is to measure and scientifically understand the very low frequency (0 to 300 Hz) electric and magnetic fields produced by any electrical equipment or circuit in schools, at home or in the vicinity of an electric power transmission line.

The MEDEA participants can be either from highschool or university, and each institution can apply with more that one team. The MEDEA participation enables a hands-on enforcement of the classroom courses by combining scientific transdisciplinary knowledge with their everyday life, an excellent vehicle for transfer of knowledge between inside and outside the classroom.

Participating schools receive an electric and magnetic field analyser for very low frequencies to be used during the project execution. Each team then creates a web page dedicated exclusively to the MEDEA project, in which is presented the results obtained, the research carried out and other relevant information. The best team works are rewarded by an annual prize.

In addition to students gaining a better scientific understanding and developing a critical thinking, the MEDEA project challenges students to look for credible scientific information on the possible effects of electromagnetic fields on human health.

To know more about electromagnetic fields and MEDEA, check out the following videos.