REN communicates with its customers through ongoing open dialogue, conducting surveys, solving problems and coordinating planning at different levels.

Quality of service


It is REN's quality of service that allows Portuguese companies, schools and hospitals to trust on a daily basis in the proper operation of its equipment and to produce an uninterrupted supply of the goods and services - many of them essential - that society requires.

It is in REN's infrastructures that circulate the energy which is delivered to the distribution companies that in turn make it reach the end consumers. It is in REN´s dispatch rooms that dozens of operators constantly ensure the balance between consumer needs and producer supply. Day and night, on working days, holidays and weekends.

To access information on REN's service quality performance consult:

- Annual Report

Quality of Service Reports (Electricity)

Quality of Service Report (Natural Gas PT)

Satisfaction survey

To REN, customers are consumers directly connected to the networks and, in the case of electricity, also the adherents to the interruptibility service-and other users of the infrastructure, including co-generation producers, distributors and traders-entities with which celebrates use agreements, and also the market operators and the Spanish counterparts.

Despite being relations between business, the energy sector be heavily regulated and the client and the regulator take a significant role in the characteristics of the service, the REN recognizes the importance of customer satisfaction with the services provided and with its own organisation and therefore the need to monitor and measure.