The REN prize distinguishes the best Master's theses in the field of energy, carried out in Portuguese higher education institutions in the different branches of engineering, but also covering Economy, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Information Systems and Computing.

Created in 1995, the REN Prize, the oldest of its kind in Portugal, has evolved to incorporate the developments and transformations experienced by the energy sector over the years. It started out as a prize for the best students of networks and electrical systems to subsequently incorporate natural gas, and most recently to reach candidates coming from a wider spectrum of areas. 

Always with a common purpose: contributing to the development of the energy sector in Portugal and reinforcing the interaction between the higher education institutions and the technological development of the companies.

A jury chaired by Professor João Peças Lopes will be responsible for selecting the three winners. The amount of the prizes was doubled, with the winner of the Prize for the Best Thesis being awarded a monetary value of €25,000, the second prize receiving €15,000 and the third prize receiving €10,000. Each special mention will receive a prize of €2,500. There is also the possibility of special mentions awarded to specific theses that deserve to be recognized for their merit.

From 2019, the REN prize will also be open to doctoral theses. This award seeks to honour the best doctoral thesis in Portuguese universities by new PhDs in topics from the field of Energy, in the following scientific areas: Engineering, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Information Systems and Computer Science. This prize will be awarded biennially. All doctoral theses from the fields mentioned above which have been argued in the two school years preceding each year in which the Prize is awarded are eligible.

To learn how you can apply, see the regulation here.

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