APP REN Energy



APP REN Energy

REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais launched a new communication tool, , the App REN Energy, now available on the APP Store and on the Play Store. With an easy and intuitive navigation, the application gives access to exclusive information about Portugal´s energy, and everything that integrates REN's work

The REN Energy app has five sections: My News, Events, Statistics, Opportunities and an area with information about the company. Each section can be customized according to each user's interests, featuring the possibility to create alerts and share content.

In My News, you´ll find energy, environment, innovation, sustainability and education contents. Users will also be able to send contents to REN for publishing in the application, making it an interactive and participated platform.

In the Statistics section, all relevant information about production and consumption of energy will be available, along with the corresponding breakdown by type of source and the balance of exports and imports between Portugal and Spain. Easy-to-read and easy-to-understand charts with constantly updated information, providing daily and monthly data, can be easily accessed and shared.

In the Events and Opportunities areas, users can follow the most important dates and events for the company and for the sector, creating alerts and keeping track of existing employment opportunities at REN.

With this application, open to the participation of all, Portugal's energy and everything that integrates REN's world is easily within the users' reach.

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