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Follow the storks online


Now at you can follow the four storks that are part of the Portuguese Protected Species Programme - Storks. In partnership with REN, Bio3, the Science and Technology Foundation (FCCN) and the Público newspaper, the birds have been fitted with GPS devices that will let us improve our understanding of their migratory habits.

This technology allows us to easily follow the birds, which have been named Max II, Freixo, Algodão and Terra, as they move around the Tagus river basin and the Alentejo.

This initiative is part of REN's sustainability and environmental policy, which for more than ten years has monitored and controlled the population of white storks nesting on its equipment. This policy includes creating the conditions enabling this bird to nest in favourable habitats and installing devices to minimize the risk of electrocution.

Follow the storks live, 24 hours a day.