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REN takes 70 volunteers to help clean Tapada de Mafra


REN brought 70 volunteers - including employees, their families and students from the EPIS (Entrepreneurs for Social Inclusion) Association - to clean up 10 hectares of the Tapada de Mafra this year.

The fourth edition of this annual event was coordinated and supported by Tapada de Mafra staff to alert participants to the importance of preventing fires and preserving forests. Over the last four years, REN has contributed towards cleaning 30 hectares of this important piece of Portugal's natural heritage.

The volunteers cleared fallen trees, thinned out vegetation choking native species, and repaired fences. The event reconciles REN's volunteer program (Share) with one of the company's strategic sustainability goals: protecting the environment and conserving biodiversity.

EPIS' participation offered the youngsters a new experience and alerted them to the importance of protecting the environment. REN has been associated with EPIS since 2008 through events seeking to encourage children to stay on at school, and has regularly promoted study visits by 14-16 year olds to company premises.

Tapada de Mafra director Paula Simões said: "This kind of event is of great importance both for the work that helps us, and for the positive impact it generates within society, helping to draw attention to the importance of cleaning the land and protecting biodiversity".