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The four pillars of REN`S sustainability strategy


Stakeholder engagement and satisfaction; promotion of internal welfare; environmental protection; governance and ethics

Every two years, REN consults its stakeholders, and in the process completed at the beginning of this year, the company's main stakeholders identified the issues of Governance and Ethics as priorities, along with already existing issues, namely Stakeholder engagement and satisfaction, Promotion of internal welfare and Environmental protection.

Reflecting this last consultation, a new pillar was added, mirroring the importance of updating and aligning the company's performance with the best international governance ethics practices involving the company's stakeholders and promoting a culture of fighting corruption and absence of risk control.  REN already has specific programmes to address this topic, such as the codes of conduct, the certification of the social responsibility management system, and Source - a centralised empowerment programme for the purchasing and qualification of suppliers - and of, of which REN is a signatory, all currently highlighted in the company's Sustainability Strategy.