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ERSE - Entidade Reguladora dos Serviços Energéticos (Energy Services Regulator) transiently attributed REN Gas, as operator of the national natural gas transportation network (RNTGN), the “Gestor do Processo de Mudança de Comercializador” (manager of the change in retailer process) activity. The procedures were published in Order no. º 6973/2009 of that entity, as in the following paragraphs:

 “… Under the terms of Decree-Law n. º 140/2006 of 26 of July, the legislation that approved and regulates the legal regime applicable to the activities of transportation, underground storage, reception, storage and regasification of liquefied natural gas, distribution and commercialization of natural gas, the opening of the natural gas market and the consideration of the eligibility of customers obeys the following schedule: a) since January 1, 2007 ordinary regime electricity producers are eligible, b) since January 1, 2008 customers whose annual consumption is equal or superior to 1 million cubic meters (n) are eligible c) since January 1, 2009 customers with annual consumption greater than or equal to 10,000 m3 (n) are eligible d) from January 1, 2010 all consumers will be eligible. The process of retailer change is legally assigned to an entity designated as logistics operator of the retailer change, whose functions, conditions and procedures for exercising this activity should be established in complementary legislation. The legislator, through Decree-Law n. º 140/2006 of 26 July, establishes that the logistical operator of the retailer change should be a single entity for the electricity and natural gas sectors, being its activity subject to ERSE regulation. Transiently, in the absence of additional legislation on the logistics operator of retailer change, in accordance with ERSE statutes’, and Article 11 of “Regulamento de Relações Comerciais” (regulation of commercial relations, or RRC), assigned the management activities of the process of retailer change to the operator of the national natural gas transportation network (RNTGN). The RRC also establishes that the procedures to be followed in managing the processes of retailer change should be approved by ERSE, upon proposal of the RNTGN operator. …”

 In compliance with the established by regulation, the available information is published here to assist the eligible agents and consumers to know and apply to the associated procedures to retailer change.

Information requests to alteration or change in the approved procedures must be formulated in the terms of the procedures and sent by email to the address:

We welcome your suggestions.

Note: the full procedures should be consulted in the original ERSE documents