REN Group has a distinctive culture of innovation disseminated across all of the company's multiple areas as a response to new challenges. With this culture, REN seeks not only to contribute to developing and implementing innovative solutions that can be incorporated into the Group's multiple companies but also to help position REN as an enabler of energy transition, while ensuring the capture of value from solutions and the management of the infrastructure as well as maintaining service quality and efficiency indices at levels of excellence. 


Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) Policy and Strategy

The RDI Policy, applicable to REN Group companies covered under the Research, Development, and Innovation Management System (RDIMS), is based on five principles. These are:

  • Foster the culture of innovation, with focus on capturing value for REN Group, namely with regard to Concessions, but also on contributing to the generation of potential new business;
  • Develop an innovation ecosystem, based on a vision of open innovation, by seeking to meet the needs arising from the operational areas in the development of innovation projects;
  • Manage REN Group's Research, Development, and Innovation projects in an integrated fashion, in the various phases and relevant processes of the value chain, including suppliers and external entities;
  • Contribute to the identification and implementation of sustainable competitive advantages, through research of technologies, processes, and business models that can add value to REN Group, anticipating trends and influencing the market and stakeholders, and sustaining proposals by carrying out additional technical analysis to support the development of innovation projects;
  • Contribute to the strengthening of the Research, Development, and Innovation strategic pillars, focusing on REN Group's mission and values.

The four strategic pillars

Quality and business continuity

Contribute to the company's operational improvement, through the identification of new methodologies, processes, or technologies, focusing on the maximisation of the guarantee of supply, continuity, and quality of service, and on the robustness and resilience of the infrastructures.

Smart and digital netorks & operations

Modernisation of assets and implementation of an intelligent vision in infrastructure and operations management, as well as in process efficiency, making up the most technological component applied to the operational areas.

Sustainable development

Contribute to the development of initiatives that promote the search for and that favour innovative and sustainable practices across the value chain, while driving and supporting proposals for new regulatory models and legal frameworks that reflect the needs stemming from the paradigm shifts in the energy sector.

New business models

Promote the development of Research, Development, and Innovation initiatives that may be applicable to new contexts beyond REN Group, contributing to the generation of new business.

Innovation Program

The Innovation Program ensures greater alignment, notoriety and internal and stakeholder recognition of RDI actions, initiatives and dynamics, contributing to effective communication and dissemination of REN's innovation.

Innovation Projects and Areas of Activity

REN is one of the companies in Portugal that have been strongly investing in innovation, with several projects in progress, in different stages of development.