Consultancy and commercial services

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Consultancy and commercial services


REN internationalization strategy contemplates the sale of specialized engineering services in order to take advantage of all the experience and know-how available in the Group companies' operating areas.

REN Serviços is responsible for identifying and establishing business cooperation agreements with other Portuguese and foreign companies for public service gas and electricity infrastructures or the provision of engineering services in order to create value for the Group by using available electricity, gas and telecommunications engineering resources.

REN Serviços:

1) designs and implements mechanisms for prospecting opportunities for enhancing the value of the references of Group companies and their engineering;

2) coordinates with other Group companies and their boards ways and forms of outside collaboration for engineering consultancy, thereby creating value for the Group.


Range of services

Studies and energy contracts

•Energy planning;

•Studies and statistics;

•Support for power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Electricity transmission infrastructures

• Planning of the transmission grid;

• Design and management of overhead and underground transmission lines;

• Design and management of substations;

• Support for the operation and maintenance of the transmission grid;

• Consultancy and system management support.

Natural gas reception, transport and storage infrastructures

• Planning of the gas transport network and storage;

• Design and management of the construction of pipelines, compression stations and GRMS;

• Technical support in the establishment of LNG reception terminals;

• Technical support in management of the operation and maintenance of NG transport and distribution networks;

• Technical support in setting up storage systems.

Utilities telecommunications support networks

• Support for the management and planning of telecommunications technology and networks.

CO2 and energy efficiency

• Trading of CO2 emissions allowances.

Service provided or under way

REN Serviços has provided services in the area of electricity grids and natural gas networks in Portugal and abroad.

Internal Market

Over the last few years in Portugal, REN has provided supervision services in the drafting of a number of executive projects and for lines and substations with voltages of over 60 kV promoted by other entities, to ensure that they are executed in accordance with the technical solutions and specifications normally used by REN – Redes Energéticas Nacionais in its in-house projects.

REN Serviços has also provided supervisory services for the construction of lines and substations with voltages of over 60kV promoted by other entities and validated the execution project and the use of quality, environment and safety practices and standards normally followed in contracts of REN – Redes Energéticas Nacionais.

Where natural gas in Portugal is concerned, LNG tanker cooling services are often provided at REN's facilities at the Sines Terminal. REN also uses its mobile lab facilities to provide calibration services for natural gas metering units.

External Market

REN Serviços participated in technical due diligence to assess transmission grid assets in South America to help the customer decide on the possible purchase of these assets.

 In Mozambique, it is participating in the development of the Mozambique Grid Code and of technical specifications for the connection of new electrical power stations to the transmission grid in Mozambique.

In Ireland and the United Kingdom, it is participating in a pre-feasibility study for a submarine electricity transmission cable between these two countries. This project will allow the flow of 5 GW of on-shore and off-shore wind generation capacity in Ireland.

In Angola, it was hired to provide technical and legal consultancy services in support of the negotiation of natural gas purchase and sale agreements and to draft their operating manuals and technical consultancy services in the area of network planning.