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RENTELECOM has been a public telecommunications network operator since 1st of November 2002.

RENTELECOM started with providing internal services and with leveraging the existing surplus of network capacity in the electricty and gas backbones, but is nowadays a true alternative in the wholesale and corporate markets.

RENTELECOM also leverages in the strong value added know-how in the Telecommunications and IT areas applied to the demanding security management requirements of the energy transport networks. For more information please contact us (

RENTELECOM positions itself exclusively in the business market with special focus on the utilities and telecommunications operators segments.

In addition to unique know-how in solutions for utilities, RENTELECOM is a partner for telecommunications operators and information technology integrators.

Support for services provided
RENTELECOM offers support for services provided through management and supervision services (networks and systems supervision, monitoring of services, Helpdesk service, control and reporting of service level).

RENTELECOM uses the monitoring and network operation centres in Sacavém and Ermesinde.

Business segments


RENTELECOM makes available the largest neutral backbone with more than 8.100km of optical fiber cables in the electricity and gas transport grids.

This is the most stable neutral backbone with more than 200 points of access.

RENTELECOM also makes available the largest number of interconnections with Spanish networks in 7 points across the border.


RENTELECOM is the main neutral provider of housing services at the data centres of Lisbon, Sacavém, Ermesinde and Riba de Ave.

Leased Lines

RENTELECOM provides pinto to point and point to multipoint data services using SDH, DWDM, IP/MPLS and Ethernet.

Information technology services

RENTELECOM provides value-added services such as: private voice networks management, backup and hosting, internet access management, management of communication services, projects and delivery in telecommunications systems and maintenance services.

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