Sustainability strategy

REN's sustainability strategy has been developed in order to respond to the major issues identified by stakeholders

REN has a sustainability strategy aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) created by the United Nations in 2015. All of REN's activities must be guided by sustainability principles to make these goals a reality. 

Starting with this principle, and with the topics of material relevance according to the stakeholder hearing held at the end of 2018 and completed in 2019, the sustainability strategy is based on four fundamental pillars: promoting internal welfare, stakeholder engagement and satisfaction, environmental protection, and governance & ethics.

REN has laid out the following strategic priorities for each of these pillars: 

Promoting internal welfare - Being recognised as a good place to work, by ensuring best management practices among our employees, fostering diversity and equal opportunities, and promoting occupational health and safety.

Stakeholder engagement and satisfaction - Encouraging engagement with stakeholders, striving for their satisfaction, while simultaneously ensuring the safety, reliability, quality and supply of electricity and natural gas.

Environmental protection - Being recognised as an environmentally responsible company, by acting according to best environmental management practices and playing a proactive role in fighting climate change. 

Governance and ethics - Aligning the company's activities with best international governance and ethics practices, by involving the company's stakeholders and promoting a culture of fighting corruption and absence of risk control. 

In this context, REN promotes, supports and develops initiatives and projects in line with those goals which, out of the 17 SDGs, have been identified as priorities aligned with the company's sustainability strategy: quality education; gender equality; accessible renewable energies; dignified work and economic growth; industry, innovation and infrastructures; sustainable communities and cities; sustainable production and consumption; climate action; protecting life on Earth; and partnerships for implementing goals.

REN follows the codes shown below, which cover the four core areas of sustainability performance which guide its business:

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