Management and development of Human Capital

The management of human capital in REN seeks to ensure the skills required for the performance of your mission and development and valuing people.

REN is also focused on upholding an environment of job stability, based on dialog with employees. For the role it plays in the energy sector - namely its expertise in achieving its mission and the quality of the public services it provides - REN continues to be highly attractive in the job market.

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Performance management

REN periodically reviews its performance management model to keep its business indicators up-to-date.


REN training is a critical factor for the company's success. As a process of ongoing employee development and learning, an annual Training Plan is created including initiatives applicable to the entire company, focused initiatives, seminars, congresses and conferences.


The program WE REN seeks to three axes of action: balance, equality and Inclusion.

For more information see the Careers area of this site.