Act4nature commitments

REN has a crucial participation in the energy management system at national level. In continental Portugal we ensure the management of the control systems and the power transmission in very high voltage, and in the area of Natural Gas (NG) we carry out the operation of the systems and the integrated management of the high-pressure transmission, the operation of the Sines terminal, and the underground reserves of NG in the centre of the country. We are also the NG distribution concessionaire in the north coast.

Our commitment, however, goes beyond our mission: all our activities are guided by principles of sustainability, following strict and measurable criteria, respecting standards of excellence, without ever losing sight of the positive impact on the communities and ecosystems with which we work.

REN is thus committed to being an active agent in environmental protection, by implementing reforestation policies, fostering environmental education, preserving biodiversity and defending the rational use of natural resources. REN plays also an active role in the prevention of climate change.

We have taken an active role in the areas of Innovation and Research and, with this goal, we created, over two decades ago, the REN Prize, which seeks to honour the best Master's and PhD theses in the field of energy that are carried out in higher education institutions in Portugal, and the REN's Chair on Biodiversity, in partnership with the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) and with the University of Porto (UP).

REN's membership in act4nature Portugal reflects the importance given to the preservation of biodiversity, with it being one of the most relevant environmental descriptors in the evaluation of the possible impacts of our activities. For this reason, the company's performance in this matter is structured according to several lines of action: identifying the impacts of its activity on biodiversity, involving employees, suppliers and service providers, assessing risks and adopting measures to minimise impacts and supporting nature conservation initiatives.

The commitments defined under act4nature Portugal enable the consolidation and enhancement of the biodiversity management strategy across all of the company's activities, thus contributing to the promotion of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

SMART Individual Commitments * Monitoring Indicators Start | End Date
Developing a strategic plan for integrating biodiversity into the company's activitiesStrategic plan for integrating biodiversity into the company's activities published on the company's website2020-2022
Integrating task forces (TF), work groups (WG) or other equivalent within the scope of biodiversity and ecosystem servicesParticipation in TF/WG/other equivalent2020-2021
Establishing local, regional or global partnerships in projects that have a significant impact on biodiversity (e.g., LIFE) to solve specific problems in line with the company's strategic plan.Partnerships and corresponding results2020-2022
Carrying out/collaborating in sectorial actions to raise awareness regarding Biodiversity, sharing knowledge and good practices adopted.Carried out and promoted sectorial actions in the area of biodiversity2020-2022
Considering the development of an easement-corridor management document to maximise biodiversity and ecosystem servicesPublished guidelines for ecological management and good practices. Good practices implemented2020-2022
Identifying the bird species most affected by collisions with REN's linesReport and scientific communications2020-2022
Carrying out an inventory of the biodiversity present in the supports and in the easement corridorsResults of the inventory published2020-2022
Establishing a partnership with CIBO-University of Porto to continue the collaboration initiated in 2015, within the scope of the REN Chair on Biodiversity, seeking to implement a programme of biodiversity research and mitigation of impacts generated by the companyInvestment in ES&B research programmes (to be integrated in the calculation of the indicator: investment in ES&B/GVA)2020-2022
Ensuring the monitoring or participation of entity/entities and/or specialist(s) in ecology, biology or related sciences, in projects in which their involvement is deemed necessary and an added value to defining and implementing actions that contribute to reducing or mitigating impactsProjects carried out with teams specialised in ecology, biology or related sciences and their resultsOngoing
Investing in the creation of ecological corridors where they are ecologically relevant and within the scope of the infrastructure managed by the companyInvestment in ecological corridors / total investment in nature conservation2020-2022
Participating in public consultations related to and impacting biodiversity and ecosystem services (e.g., National Strategy for Nature Conservation and Biodiversity)Public consultations in which the company participatOngoing
Implementing compensatory measures in situations where the impacts cannot be minimisedArea (ha) and/or Investment (euros) of the implemented compensation measuresOngoing
Raising employee awareness, namely by raising awareness about the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem servicesNumber of employees who participated in awareness-raising activities2020-2022
Promoting employee knowledge, through their participation in environmental volunteering activities or in carrying out local biodiversity inventoriesNumber of employees who participated in environmental volunteering activitiesOngoing
Training employees in good environmental practices to be applied in the company's operations, specifying the contribution to biodiversityPercentage of employees trained in good environmental practicesOngoing
Fostering the development and implementation of initiatives by employees in favour of biodiversityNumber of employees who participated in biodiversity initiatives2020-2022
Investing in projects of scientific entities or other stakeholders that seek nature conservationInvestment in projects of scientific entities for nature conservation (to be integrated in the calculation of the indicator: investment in ES&B/GVA)2020-2022
Reporting, annually, in the clearest and most transparent manner possible, the progress in meeting individual commitmentsSection for reporting on the evolution of act4nature commitments in the annual sustainability reportOngoing