Safety, Reliability, Quality and Guarantee of Supply

REN manages, efficiently, the main transport infrastructures of electricity and natural gas.

We work to ensure the supply of electricity and natural gas without interruptions, at the lowest cost with quality and safety. The quality, one of the basic values of our work, which translates to record efficiencies in electricity and natural gas. Annually, the REN-national energy Networks develops its competences in order to guarantee the supply of natural gas and power service without interruptions.

REN the tariff your performance to maintain the balance between those seeking and who offers energy, ensuring that the energy market actors, producers, distributors, traders and consumers, have equal access to the infrastructure.

And, as we believe in a sustainable development-based management, several independent agencies, recognized this work and rated the REN as one of the leading companies in the world of energy, and it was seconded by their performance indicators.

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