Management and development of Human Capital

The management of human capital in REN seeks to ensure the skills required for the performance of your mission and development and valuing people.

REN also bet on the preservation of an environment of stability, based on dialogue with employees. The role that the REN plays in the energy sector, in particular, at the level of competence in the performance of your mission and the quality of the public services it provides, continues to have a high labour market attractiveness.

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Performance management

The year 2015 is the year of consolidation of changes arising from the review of the performance management model in 2014.


REN is training critical to the success of the company. As a process of learning and continuous development of employees, every year the training plan, including cross-actions, seminars, congresses and conferences.


The program WE REN seeks to three axes of action: balance, equality and Inclusion.

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