Minimising the environmental impact has been since ever a concern of the company in realization of new investment projects and in the operation and maintenance activities of the various storage and transport infrastructures of electricity and natural gas.

Prevention of climate change

Greenhouse gas emissions concentrate in the atmosphere and form a layer that allows solar rays to penetrate but prevents the heat generated by them from dissipating, leading to the so-called greenhouse effect.

Protection against rural fires

The management of vegetation in the easement corridors of the electricity transmission networks and the defense of the forest against fires.

Environmental policy

The protection of the environment, the mitigation of the impacts, the rational use of natural resources, prevention of pollution and support the development of renewable energies constitute the main commitments of our environmental policy.

Corridor reforestation programme

Vegetation management in the easement corridors of electricity transmission networks. A paradigm shift.


Biodiversity is one of the most important environmental descriptors taken into account in the systematic assessment of the potential impacts of REN's activities in the various phases of the life cycle of its infrastructures.

REN's Chair on Biodiversity

REN, together with the Science and Technology Foundation (FCT) and University of Porto (UP), have created a Chair in Biodiversity, to be taught at UP