20 December 2016


Organised by the Portuguese Association of business ethics (APEE), the Awards aim to distinguish the RPRS implementing policies and models of good governance in public and private sector organizations, with and without profit, with best practice in corporate social responsibility. The award of this prize happened following an audit process carried out by APEE, which evaluated the program structure, the impact generated and replicability.

According to Margaret Ferreirinha, Director of communication and sustainability of REN ' the Heroes of all kinds is a special programme for REN. Both by your theme, and the commitment of all the institutional and technical partners, but especially by the impact that we feel that the program has in schools. Biodiversity conservation and environmental protection are topics that are closely connected with our business and that's why they're so important to us. The recognition of this program as a good practice of social responsibility is a source of great pride for all of us '.

The initiative ' Heroes of all kinds ', which has the support of the Institute of nature conservation and forestry and management of education is directed to students of 3rd and 4th year of the first cycle of basic education and intend to make them true ambassadors of the importance of biodiversity. Designed to complement the school programs, their actions to raise awareness using interactive and dynamic approach, promoting environmental awareness and sense of responsibility among the young. Theater, games and planting of trees are the motto of the actions, which include a presentation of Quercus, technical partner of the project, about the animal and plant species.

To facilitate access to all content was also created a website, available at www.heroisdetodaaespecie.pt. In addition to teaching materials for use in the classroom, are available on this site, educational games, trivia and news. The Tux & Gill was responsible for the image and activities of the programme and the base FIRE activation actions in schools. For this edition the REN chose as the species highlight the Bonelli's Eagle, the Black Stork, the Iberian wolf, the Cork oak, Holly and the strawberry tree, which assume a prominent place in all actions and activities to develop. These contents were prepared with the technical support of BIO3 and Consulai. In the future will be added new animal and plant species.

This initiative reinforces the partnership established between REN and ICNF in 2008, within the framework of the ' Business ', promoted by Biodiversity & Portugal during the Portuguese Presidency of the EU. Partnerships for biodiversity are joint projects between companies, non-governmental organizations and public entities, aimed at strengthening the economic instruments of biodiversity conservation through joint actions of management.



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