Capital Increase Prospectus

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2017 Prospectus 16/11/2017 PDF

After the decisions at the General Shareholders' Meeting of 28 April 2008, which made it possible to concentrate all debt at REN SGPS, S.A. and achieve a rating from Moody's and Standard & Poor's, the right conditions were created for the REN Group to issue bonds on the international capital market.

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Base Prospectus 29/10/2019 PDF
Supplement 04/01/2018 PDF

Documents incorporated by reference in the base prospectus

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Base Prospectus 07/12/2017 PDF
REN Finance, B.V.: 2018 Annual accounts 31/12/2018 PDF
REN Finance, B.V.: 2017 Annual accounts 31/12/2017 PDF
Base Prospectus 03/10/2016 PDF
REN Finance, B.V.: 2016 Annual accounts 31/12/2016 PDF
REN Finance, B.V.: 2015 Annual accounts 31/12/2016 PDF
Base Prospectus 10/09/2015 2015 Propectus
REN Finance, B.V.: 2014 Annual accounts 31/12/2014 PDF
REN Finance, B.V.: 2013 Annual accounts 31/12/2013 PDF
REN Finance, B.V.: Opening statement of financial position 10/05/2013 PDF
Base Prospectus 21/07/2014 2014 Prospectus
Base Prospectus 30/07/2013 2013 Prospectus
Base Prospectus 26/06/2012 2012 Prospectus
Base Prospectus 22/12/2011 2011 Prospectus
Base Prospectus 09/11/2010 2010 Prospectus
Base Prospectus 27/10/2009 2009 Prospectus
Base Prospectus 09/09/2008 2008 Prospectus