Presence in the world

REN internationalisation

Presence in the world

The international expansion of the REN Group is based on a conservative investment strategy, which favours investments related to the domestic core business in markets that benefit from suitable economic, institutional, regulatory, and legal factors, such as Chile.


The Chilean company Transemel operates in the sector of electricity transmission in Chile. The acquisition of Transemel in 2019 represented REN’s second inorganic investment in the Chilean market, in line with REN’s strategic directives.


The Chilean company Electrogas operates critical natural gas transmission infrastructure in central Chile.
The acquisition of the financial stake in the company in 2017 was the first step in establishing a growth platform in Chile.

Cahora Bassa

The Mozambican company HCB manages and operates one of the largest hydroelectric power stations in Africa, with an installed capacity of 2,075 MW.
In 2012, REN acquired a 7.5% stake in the company’s capital.


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