Culture and purpose

Why REN?

A culture focused on people, on the team, and on achievement 

Personal and professional development of employees is “the guiding principle” for the growth and sustainable development of the REN group.

748 employees
in 2023 -
Women in management positions -
hours of training per employee, on average -
REN employees with higher education -

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Strategic Pillars

Responsibility, collaboration, and meritocracy

REN group’s culture is based on three strategic pillars – responsibility, collaboration, and meritocracy with the focus on the person, on the team, and on achievement.


Ability to respond to an objective, with a deadline and with a given set of means. Responsibility is looking to the future.


Ability to work with others to achieve a common goal. Working as a team, in an environment of trust, based on credibility, reliability, and proximity.


Ability to assume a stance of excellence at all levels, aligned with the company’s mission, in the creation of value. Recognition by the company in line with performance.


Our people are our energy

Do you want to be part of the network that will create a better future, with lots of energy?

Principles we value

Balance, equality, and inclusion

The “NÓS” [WE] programme emerged in 2014 as a way to attract and retain the best professionals and to provide an environment in which all employees can develop and maximise their potential, both personal and professional. This programme has three axes of action: balance, equality, and inclusion, having impacted over these years the quality of life, experience, and satisfaction of the company’s employees

Social responsability

Opportunity to make a difference


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