Sustainability management

REN Priorities

Ethical and socially responsible management model

Sustainability, in its various aspects, is an undeniable and critical priority in the coming decades. REN works permanently in defence of the environment, people, and communities to ensure a sustainable future for humankind.  


The long-standing commitment to ensuring sustainable development was reinforced in 2021 with the establishment of the Sustainability Commission. Its purpose is to strategically analyse the evolution of ESG objectives and initiatives, supervise their implementation, and decide on new actions in the Board of Directors. It is also to oversee the principles that underpin their actions, namely the social, economic, and environmental preservation aspects and the fight against climate change.   


Strategic Organization


Governance Model 

REN has sustainability at the top of its priorities and involves its directors and senior managers in its management. This management is carried out at the highest level by the Sustainability Committee, which includes members of the Board of Directors and management positions as well as the ESG working group. Compliance with ESG criteria is part of REN’s performance indicators and influences the remuneration of members of the Executive Committee and management positions.

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Evaluation Tools

Among management assessment tools, REN has ISO certifications in quality, environment, safety, innovation, and business continuity. It also participates in sustainability indexes (such as the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment and the Carbon Disclosure Project – Climate Change) and evaluates the relationship with stakeholders. 

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In 2022, REN opted for an Integrated Reporting model and for reporting non-financial information in line with those advocated by the Global Reporting Initiative, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, Task-force for Climate-related Financial Disclosures, and in accordance with the new European Sustainability Reporting Directive. The reporting of the alignment of REN’s activities is done according to the EU Taxonomy.

REN Policies

Policies that consolidate the principles of action in all of REN's activities

Statement of Social Responsibility Policy

Quality, Environment and Safety Policy Statement

Research, Development and Innovation Policy

Stakeholder Relationship Policy

Regulatory Compliance Program

REN’s suppliers are required to comply with the Supplier Code of Conduct.  


REN is a member of national and international associations and initiatives that defend sustainable development. Get to know some of these partnerships:


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