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An environment in which all employees develop their potential

The “NÓS” [WE] programme emerged as one of the company’s main tools to improve employee well-being and to attract the best professionals. This programme seeks to acknowledge the uniqueness of each person, as well as the promotion of values, such as respect, balance, personal fulfilment, and commitment. 


Promoting balance across the board, creating an environment for developing and maximising potential, while helping to increase employee satisfaction and commitment to the company.

Initiatives aimed at the physical and mental health and well-being of employees, providing nutrition and psychology consultations or sports activities.


Initiatives within the scope of internal and external social responsibility, such as the social support office or the corporate volunteering programme.


Initiatives within the scope of policies for reconciliation of work and personal/family lives. It includes the flexibility programme and measures within the scope of parenthood, such as the parental coaching programme.


Initiatives aimed at the family, such as the school merit award or internships for children of employees.


Flexibility programme

The investment in the potential of the company’s human resources is a priority present in ren’s DNA.  REN has developed a flexibility programme in line with the best market practices and working technologies, enabling productivity gains for all.


Flexible hours for compatible roles and in different workplaces


Differentiating conciliation measures that provide additional rest time


Committed to trust and accountability through a model that combines both office and remote work


Complementary conciliation initiatives

our commitment


For REN, equality is a matter of fundamental rights. As such, it prohibits any distinction in the enjoyment of rights on the basis of race, gender, age, physical disability, sexual orientation, political opinions, or religious convictions, favouring instead the principle of equal opportunities, diversity, and individual merit. REN and its employees are committed to acting with integrity and dignity, and must denounce any practice that supports any kind of discrimination. REN believes that its success is due to a highly competent and motivated team, which is why it invests in the development of its employees and in attracting new talent. Talent has no gender.

Igualdade REN

Report of monitoring gender indicators

Follow the evolution of the gender indicators at REN and the comparison with the best market practices.

our commitment


REN works in partnership with various associations that promote the professional integration into the labour market of young adults with different types and levels of disability.

Training and development

Campus REN is a mechanism that enables employees to obtain training and development in key competences that can contribute positively to their performance and development in the company. This training is tailored to the growth of each person and of the company as a whole, contributing to evolutionary learning throughout their professional career. Furthermore, it also provides the opportunity to attend specific training courses for the performance of the role, promoting professional development and contributing to a performance of excellence, and to attend co-paid higher academic training, according to the interest and relevance to the performed role. 

Trainning REN

Training indicators  
We believe in the continuous development of the skills and potential of everyone who works at REN. Discover the indicators of our training program.



REN acknowledges and rewards individual and collective performance. The forms of compensation are designed so that they are ideal for each employee in their different life stages.  

Health insurance, personal accident and life insurance, pension plans, co-funding of education expenses, card-paid food subsidy, holiday camps, and others, are among the many benefits that REN offers its employees. 

“REN flex” is an innovative benefits plan that provides access to a set of benefits and advantages, adapted to each stage of life and with unique conditions. Its main advantages are the reinforcement of the family’s social protection in areas as important as retirement, health & risks, and education, the personalisation of the benefits according to the needs at each moment of life, and access to it with unique and fiscally attractive conditions.  

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