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RENTELECOM is the telecommunications and IT company of the REN Group, and has been operatoring public telecommunications networks since 1 November 2002. The company leverages its offer in the essential telecommunications networks for gas and electricity transmission, providing fibre optic services, connectivity, telecommunications projects, and data centre services.

RENTELECOM has a unique expertise, based on its team’s experience of operating critical networks and decades of market knowledge, enabling it to help customers and partners create differentiated value, especially in the utilities, telecom operators, and IT integrators segments.

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Know-how in the area of ​​information technologies with a focus on Security Telecommunications Networks at the service of the management and operation of Energy Networks.

Business Segments

Components of RENTELECOM


Fiber Optic

RENTELECOM provides the use of the largest and most stable neutral trunk network in Portugal, with over 200 access points (seven of them on the border) on more than 8,100 km of fibre optic cables in the electricity and gas transmission networks.



RENTELECOM is the leading neutral provider of Data Centre services in its Lisbon, Sacavém, Ermesinde, and Riba de Ave centres.



RENTELECOM provides connectivity in the form of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint circuits in SDH, DWDM, IP/MPLS, and Ethernet technologies.


Information Technology Services

RENTELECOM provides a range of ICT services tailored to customers’ needs.


Information regarding occurrences

In compliance with ANACOM's decision and its own Service Quality and Continuous Improvement process, RENTELECOM has made available, from the 12th of June 2014, information on events with significant impact on the functioning of public communications networks and electronic communications services available to the public. RENTELECOM presents, on its website, the following information concerning to the occurrences:

Number of occurrence: Number assigned by RENTELECOM to each occurrence, and should be used in all communications that have scope for this occurrence.

Description: A brief description of the occurrence and its impact in terms of networks, subscribers, access and geographical area Start Date: Date and time when the occurrence was detected or reported.

Expected resolution date: Expected date and time to resolution of the occurrence.

End date: Date and time of the resolution of the occurrence, or when the occurrence stopped complying with the conditions for being considered of significant impact.

Opening report: Report for occurrence opening, with date and time when the occurrence assumed significant impact, detailed description, category of possible causes, impact analysis (networks, services, access, number of subscribers, geographic area affected) and expected resolution date and time.

End report: Report for occurrence closing, with date and time in which the occurrence assumed significant impact, detailed description, category of cause, impact analysis (networks, services, access, number of subscribers, geographic area affected), date and time of resolution and solution adopted to resolve the occurrence.

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