Sustainability strategy



Our company’s sustainability approach is inherently connected with fulfilling REN's mission of being an active agent in the energy transition.

At the end of 2023, and with a view to the next strategic cycle, we have established five priority axes that reflect our dedication to sustainability, directly linked to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Energy transition and climate change, Natural capital management, Valuing our people, Creating value for stakeholders, and Responsible governance.

The strategy shows the company’s commitment to reaching carbon neutrality by 2040, contributing to the fight against climate change and investing in a management model aligned with sustainable development.

The sustainability approach was based on the stakeholder consultation carried out in 2023 to identify material issues.

Integrated Report
Sustainability is one of the pillars of REN's strategic plan.


Sustainable development 

REN ensures that all its activities obey sustainable principles, follow strict criteria, and respect standards of excellence, without ever losing sight of the positive impact that REN wants to have on the communities and ecosystems where it operates. 

Desenvolvimento Sustentabilidade

Priority axes

Energy transition and climate change

Purpose: To be a facilitator by integrating renewable energy sources into networks, maintaining our commitment to security of supply, service quality and the decarbonization of our activities.

Natural capital management

Purpose: To be recognized as an environmentally responsible company, acting in accordance with the best environmental management practices and playing an active role protecting the environment and natural capital.

Valuing our people

Purpose: To value our employees through training, earnings, and protection, ensuring a working environment that is inclusive, safe, and focused on well-being.

Creating value for stakeholders

Purpose: To promote the engagement and support of stakeholders, while also ensuring safety, reliability, and quality in the supply of electricity and gas, acting in a socially responsible manner.

Responsible governance

Purpose: To base our work on the best international practices in ethics and governance, promoting a culture of fighting corruption and risk management.

In Portugal, we are one of the companies that contributes the most to the protection and recovery of the autochthonous forest.


Working today for a more sustainable tomorrow

In 2021, REN presented a new Strategic Plan for the 2021–2024 period, in which sustainability is one of the fundamental pillars.

In the Plan there is a reinforcement of environmental policies and commitments, investing in projects related to decarbonisation and in performance evaluation metrics taking into account ESG criteria (environment, social, and governance).



Reducing emissions by 50% by 2030


Achieving carbon neutrality



One third of the senior management positions held by women by 2030



Increased weighting of ESG in manager performance metrics


Commitment that all new bonds issued will be “green”


Sustainable Development Goals 

The United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development addresses several dimensions of sustainable development (social, economic, and environmental) and promotes peace, justice, and the effectiveness of institutions, naturally integrating the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 

REN’s sustainable development strategy is directly linked to these 17 goals, created in 2015. Of these, REN has set six as fundamental to its daily performance.

The Global Compact logo

United Nations Global Compact   

In 2005, REN joined the United Nations Global Compact initiative. This is based on ten fundamental principles in the areas of human rights, labour practices, environmental protection, and anti-corruption.

In addition to the commitment to align its strategy and operations with compliance with these principles, REN has also taken on the responsibility of providing annual information on their implementation.

In 2022, REN was one of around 850 companies that made this communication in a more structured and detailed way.


REN is a member of national and international associations and initiatives that defend sustainable development. Get to know some of these partnerships:


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