Involvement and proximity

local communities

Interaction with the community 

Our activity often involves interaction with the community. In order to promote an inclusive culture, which involves and gives an active role to the communities, we have created tools to ensure a constructive dialogue, listening to the concerns and suggestions of the local communities.

Local Communities 

REN promotes engagement with the communities where it operates, with the goal of developing the local communities that interact the most with the company's infrastructure.

Permanent dialogue  

REN develops communication plans tailored to each local reality, dynamizes meetings with local authorities and other stakeholders, organizes environmental and social initiatives with communities, in close coordination with the company's operational areas.

Landowners and easements 

Although the relationship with the landowners impacted by REN’s operations is regulated by specific legislation, the company has a position of open dialogue, working together with the landowners in order to establish formal compensation mechanisms.   

Permanent dialogue  

The permanent and constant dialogue with the landowners enables the clarification of all questions concerning the rights and duties regarding the installation of public utility infrastructures, as well as the corresponding compensation to which they are entitled.  

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We are committed to engaging with all our stakeholders. All feedback received is treated with respect, according to the contact category, by the competent area of ​​REN.


Social intervention

Aware of our responsibility in the field of corporate citizenship and committed to maintaining and improving a model of ethical and socially responsible management, we support numerous civil society organizations and public entities, participating in various initiatives in different areas.

Local communities

Corporate Volunteering

In addition to being a fundamental axis in the scope of our relationship with stakeholders, volunteering is a determining practice in building a responsible internal culture. In our internal policy of corporate volunteering, we define our focus on three main types of volunteering: competence-based volunteering, mentoring volunteering, and team-based volunteering in the areas of education, environment, and solidarity.

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