Natural Gas Transmission

In 2017, a 42.5% stake was acquired by REN in the capital of Electrogas, which owns and operates a natural gas transmission system in the central region of Chile, with around 166 km.

Electrogas’s business model is based on firm Take-or-Pay contracts.


Critical Infrastructure in the Region

The gas pipeline connects the Quintero LNG Terminal to the Santiago metropolitan area, to a supply branch for thermoelectric power stations and refineries, as well as to the GasAndes gas pipeline, which interconnects the Chilean and Argentine gas systems.

A unique infrastructure in the region, the gas pipeline supplies the electricity generation centres that serve central Chile, as well as natural gas distribution companies in the Santiago and Valparaiso region.

The pipeline is technically reversible, thus enabling exporting and importing natural gas to and from Argentina.

ELECTROGAS S.A. was created with the aim of providing natural gas and other fuel transport services, on its own account or on behalf of third parties.


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