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evolution indicators


Performance monitoring is essential in managing the Sustainability Strategy and in achieving our objectives and targets. Consult our evolution indicators.

2022 2021 2020
GHG emissions (tCO2eq) 248,938 252,527 197,601
• Scope 1 30,389 34,213 21,737
• Scope 2 135,105 126,603 175,758
• Scope 3 83,444 91,711 106*

* In 2020 the only category reported was C6. Business trips.

Energy consumption 2022

Total energy consumption

Energy Intensity
2022 2021 2020
Energy intensity (GJ/GWh) 30.5 34.3 31.9

Initiatives and regular support


In addition to the active role in communities in order to promote an inclusive culture and constructive dialogue, we ensure a set of initiatives and regular support.

Donations and initiatives


Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteer work is one of the pillars of REN’s social responsibility programme. This programme is based on three areas of action - Education, Environment, and Solidarity - which aims to put the skills and time of employees at the service of the Community.

Volunteering hours

881 hours
2022 -
624 hours
2021 -
557 hours
2020 -

development and growth


The personal and professional development of our employees is the guideline for REN's growth and sustainable development. Consult some data and indicators about our people.


Accident frequency index

Accident severity index



The Training Policy is a critical success factor aimed at ensuring the continuous learning and development of our employees.

Training activities are developed according to both cross-functional and specific needs of roles and areas, in alignment with REN's values and strategy.

Training hours

36.738 hours
2022 -
24.416 hours
2021 -
25.325 hours
2020 -

Gender equality

For REN, Gender Equality is also a question of fundamental rights. For this reason, non-discrimination based on gender is expressly provided in the Code of Conduct.

Percentage of women

25,3 %
2022 -
24,7 %
2021 -
24,3 %
2020 -
Composition of governing bodies


The composition of REN’s governing bodies is required to be diverse in order to encompass different perspectives and take into account the specificities of the company and Group.

The diversity of members in governing bodies allows greater discussion and better decisions, with a view to furthering the objectives of efficiency, excellence, innovation and dynamism within the REN Group.

14 Board of Directors members in 2022
No variation since 2020 -
3 No. of Executive Directors 2022
No variation since 2020 -
36% % of women on the Board of Directors in 2022
2021 - 36% | 2020 - 33% -
43% % independent members in the Board of Directors 2022
No variation since 2020 -

Sustainability index 

Our commitment to sustainable development and environmental, social, and governance issues is affirmed by the evaluation of the most important specialized rating agencies and subsequent inclusion in their sustainability indices. 

Rating and Score
Rating Scale Score YoY Latest assessment
S&P Global Logo 0-100 62
Green Arrow
D-A B Green Arrow dec/2022
Sustainalytics Logo 100-0 18,3 Green Arrow feb/2023
MSCI CCC-AAA AAA Green Arrow mar/2023
ISS ESG D-A B Equal mar/2023

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