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RENenergy for tomorrow

Innovation Programme

Our culture of innovation aims to foster the development of Research, Development, and Innovation projects. Promoting a culture of innovation in the REN Group that values scientific and technological knowledge for operational application, focusing on value creation, anticipating trends, and influencing the market and stakeholders in the sector. 

The Innovation Programme is part of this culture. More than a set of initiatives, this programme has its own identity, “RENenergy for tomorrow”, aligned with the company’s values, vision and strategy for innovation. 

Initiative REN

Innovation Workshops

REN regularly holds innovation workshops in which, by experimenting with technologies and sharing experiences, it encourages the identification and generation of innovative ideas that support operational needs.

These workshops enhance the connection of the ecosystem, aligning concepts and presenting emerging technologies, promoting their application in the real context of the organization.

Workshop subject Participants Date
Technologies for visualization and monitoring of linear assets and easement corridors Collaborators REN | Partnership: 6 technology companies December 2022
Prospective and construction of trend radars through horizon scanning methodology Collaborators REN | Partnership: ISEG July 2022
Use of augmented and assisted reality in electricity operations Collaborators REN May 2022
Main concepts and use cases on robotization and nanotechnology Collaborators REN | Partnership: 4 technology companies April 2021
Main concepts and use cases on augmented reality, artificial intelligence and visual intelligence Collaborators REN | Partnership: 5 technology companies November 2019

We believe that the excellence of the service we provide is based on a technological, innovative and sustainable vision, centered on a strong culture of innovation.

Innovation Leaders REN

Innovation Leaders

Innovation Leaders is an annual internal program that aims to bring employees together in a highly challenging, applied and committed environment with the innovation strategy. These groups aim to promote creativity, identify opportunities and ideas that may boost new RDI projects, focusing on their implementation, and inducing a culture of innovation within the organization.

innovation with future

Innovation Programme for Trainees

A programme designed for trainees which aims above all to encourage and reinforce REN's culture of innovation among the younger generation, leading them to think "outside the box" and involving them as an active part of this process.

Innnovation programme for trainees


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