Electricity, gas and telecommunications

Operational know-how and experience

REN provides specialised engineering services in the fields of electricity, natural gas, and telecommunications. REN’s skills stem from its broad experience in the operation and management of energy transmission system and communications, as well as from the constant concern for technological training and innovation.

REN PRO is the Group company responsible for identifying and establishing business collaboration agreements and providing engineering consultancy,services aiming to create value for the Group. The services provided cover the entire transmission value chain, namely strategic energy planning, network planning, construction project and monitoring, operation and maintenance, and the global management of the system, including the development and management of security telecommunications network

In the field of engineering services, REN has a portfolio of domestic and reference international customers, namely electricity generation entities and other energy transmission system operators.


Strategy and Purpose
REN has strategically invested in extensive investment in Research and Development, and in the network's technological performance and reliability.


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