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Human resources indicators

A company cannot progress without knowing its employees in depth. For REN it is essential to know the Human Resources Indicators, as they enable greater knowledge of the company’s reality, supporting decision making based on reliable data, and enabling close monitoring of results, as well as the possibility of re-evaluating projects and reviewing strategies. 

Get to know some of our Human resources indicators. 


Our people

REN provides stable and secure contractual relationships. At the end of 2022, there were 719 employees, an increase of 3% compared to the previous year, most of whom are permanent staff.

In 2022, the average age and average length of service remained at 45.8 and 17 years, respectively, as a result of a hiring policy based on diversity and rejuvenation of structure

Total Number of Employees


Talent management

The weighting of degree holders at REN (68.7%) demonstrates the company’s sustained focus on the academic qualifications and empowerment of employees.

The focus on young and qualified talent and closeness to universities is also evident in our investment in different internships that provide a first work experience and in the participation at different events promoted in this area.

Distribution of employees by academic qualifications and gender

Higher education by gender (%)



REN has a consistent training program that promotes the development of employees' key skills.

Year Total training hours (Men) Total training hours (Women) Participants in training actions (Men) Participants in training actions (Women)
2023 28 125 9 601 4 100 1 627
2022 26 721 10 016 4 785 1 980
2021 18 475 5 939 2 959 1 501

Main numbers

In 2022, 100% of REN employees took one or more training actions and all training courses/training programs.

51 hours
of traning per employee, on average (global) -
51 hours
of training per employee, on average (men) -
51 hours
of training per employee, on average (women) -
100 %
of employees took one or more training actions , in 2023 -

Number of Hours of Training Actions by Area

Key initiaves


Approximately 73% of employees have a flexible schedule in 2022, as a result of REN's continued commitment to ensuring a balance between professional and personal life.

The synergy between family and work also forms an integral part of
Balance in the NÓS Programme. Since this programme was set up, various initiatives have been promoteds, with the aim of promoting a better balance between professional, personal, and family life. This is an essential condition for effective equality between men and women, and for lower levels of absenteeism, greater productivity, and retaining talent.

Flexibility of working hours


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