Circular economy


Initiatives that promote circular economy

REN has invested in initiatives that promote the circular economy, giving priority to the use of recycled or reused resources in its supply chain.

REN is developing a roadmap for the circular economy, in order to gradually adjust the entire value chain, in the approach to the consumption of goods and resources supported by the reduction, reuse, recovery, and recycling of materials. 


Circular economy project

REN promoted a campaign to collect obsolete technical clothing among its employees. The result was half a ton of textiles that gained a new life, transformed into cloth bags. A campaign in partnership with To Be Green, which uses new technologies for textile processing.

The circular economy is a regenerative system that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by promoting the reuse and recycling of materials. Let yourself be inspired by this initiative. Reuse and recycle in your daily life.

In Portugal, we are one of the companies that most contributes to the protection and recovery of the native forest.  


We prioritize sustainability for a present with a future

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