Energy solutions

Electric mobility

Speed-E is an innovative solution for electric mobility created and developed by REN that enables charging electric vehicles directly from Very-High-Voltage transmission lines.  

This solution is suited for applications with superior power requirements  (above 1 MVA), and which are located close to an existing Very-High-Voltage transmission line.

Main advantages of speed-E: 

  • Greater availability of power offered by the Transmission Network;
  • Scalable and modular solution;
  • Access to the quality of service offered by the Transmission Network, characterized by a superior continuity of service. 

This innovative solution positions the Transport Network Operator as a facilitator of the transition to sustainable mobility, complementing existing solutions and supporting decarbonisation.

transition to sustainable mobility

Innovative solution

speed-E | An example of a transformative project

Speed-E was born from REN’s culture of innovation in response to a problem posed on a daily basis.

This innovative solution confirms the role of REN as a facilitator of the transition to sustainable mobility, by using the existing Transmission Network to complement existing solutions and supporting the decarbonisation of the mobility sector in an economically advantageous way.


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