ESG Commitments

REN Strategy

Our ESG commitments seek to strengthen our position at the heart of the energy transition


Redução de emissões

Reducing our emissions by 50% by 2030.

Neutralidade Carbónica

Achieving carbon neutrality by 2040


gestão de primeira linha ocupadas por mulheres

One third of the senior management positions held by women by 2030.


Métricas de desempenho ESG

Increased weighting of ESG in the manager performance metrics as early as 2022.

Novas obrigações emitidas serão verdes

100% of the new bonds issued will be green bonds.


We prioritize
sustainability for a
present with a future

Initiatives and Programs

Other Initiatives

Sustainability Strategy
For REN, sustainability means guiding
business action while respecting the company's founding values.


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