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REN Innovation

Our vision

We believe that the excellence of the quality and continuity of service that we provide also stems from a technological, innovative, and sustainable vision, centred on a culture of innovation that challenges and values our teams

Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) is part of REN’s global strategy, an investment on the creation and development of solutions to efficiently and effectively meet energy objectives and help combat climate change, as well as to contribute to REN’s performance of excellence as regards security and quality of the energy supply. 

The integrated management of RDI projects makes it possible to work on the development of innovative solutions that meet the needs of the company, and also those of the stakeholders, including suppliers and external entities. This continuous search for new technological and performance solutions makes REN a reference as regards operational performance and innovation, thus contributing to the energy, digital, and sustainable transition.  

Taking on this commitment means that all REN activities are guided by principles of innovation and sustainability, following strict and measurable criteria, respecting high standards of excellence without ever losing sight of the positive impact that the company wants to have on the communities and ecosystems where it works.

Innovation Strategy

Four Pillars of the REN Innovation Strategy

REN’s innovation strategy is based on four pillars:

contribute to the development of initiatives that promote the search for and favour innovative and sustainable practices across the value chain, as well as the needs resulting from the paradigm shifts in the energy sector.

Development of sustainability

Modernisation of assets and implementation of an intelligent vision in infrastructures and operations management, as well as in process efficiency, which is the most technological component applied to the operational areas.

Smart and digital networks & operations

To contribute to the operational improvement of the company, through the identification of new methodologies, processes, or technologies, focusing on guaranteeing supply, continuity, and quality of service, as well as on the robustness and resilience of the infrastructures.

Quality and business continuity

To promote the development of Research, Development, and Innovation initiatives that may be applicable to other contexts, beyond the REN Group, thus contributing to the generation of new businesses.

New business models

Transformative projetcts
Our culture of innovation aims to foster the development of Research, Development, and Innovation projects.

Energy, digital, and sustainability transition

RDI Policy

The Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) policy and strategy is a key part of REN’s global strategy. The creation and development of innovative solutions that seek to meet the operational challenges and needs of the company, and of the stakeholders, stem from the energy, digital, and sustainability transition. 

The RDI principles 

  • Foster the culture of innovation, with a focus on capturing value for REN Group, but also on contributing to the generation of potential new business.
  • Develop an innovation ecosystem, based on a vision of open innovation, by seeking to meet the needs arising from the operational areas in the development of innovation projects.
  • Manage REN Group’s Research, Development, and Innovation projects in an integrated fashion, in the different phases and relevant processes of the value chain, including suppliers and external entities.
  •  Contribute to the identification and implementation of sustainable competitive advantages, through research of technologies, processes, and business models that can add value to REN Group, anticipating trends and influencing the market and stakeholders, and sustaining proposals by carrying out additional technical analysis to support the development of innovation projects.
  • Contribute to the strengthening of the Research, Development, and Innovation strategic pillars, focusing on REN Group’s mission and values.
  • Ensure compliance with the legislation, regulations, and commitments regarding innovation.
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of the innovative performance of the REN Group, as well as the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of Stakeholders.

Since 2021, REN has been certified according to standard NP4457:2007 in the following areas:

  • Very-high-voltage electricity transmission concession (REN – Rede Elétrica Nacional S.A.);
  • High-pressure gas transmission concession (REN Gasodutos, S.A.);
  • Underground gas storage concession (REN Armazenagem, S.A.);
  • Concession for the reception, storage, and regasification of liquefied natural gas at an ocean terminal (REN Atlântico, Terminal de GNL, S.A.);
  • Provision of shared services to group companies (REN Serviços, S.A.).

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