Ethics and transparency


Transparency and prevention of corruption

REN’s activities are aligned with the best national and international practices in ethics and governance. Integrity and transparency are fundamental pillars in REN’s daily operations. The company is committed daily to preventing and combating illegal acts, especially crimes of money laundering, financing of terrorism, corruption, and related offences.

Code of Conduct

REN’s Code of Conduct is under permanent revision to keep it as up-to-date as possible, taking into account the promotion of an ethical and sustainable governance model. This Code, which defines the line of conduct in professional relations, is also mandatory for all those who wish to become suppliers of REN.

Integrity Policy

REN’s new Integrity Policy dates back to 2021 and promotes ethics, integrity, and transparency in doing business, ensuring compliance with current legislation and regulations. It establishes the principles of action and duties of the Group’s companies and other partners to prevent the commission of illicit acts, namely crimes of corruption, money laundering, and financing of terrorism.

Among other matters, and in its current version, REN’s Integrity Policy covers the priorities set out in the Portuguese National Anti-Corruption Strategy.

Plan for the prevention of risk of corruption and related offences

A fundamental part of the approved compliance programme, it is a framework for relations between external entities and members of the corporate bodies, as well as REN employees. It seeks to ensure compliance with regulations, as well as to reinforce risk assessment and management as essential component in preventing and mitigating the occurrence of corruption-related phenomena.

At REN, we align our performance with the best practices in national and international ethics and governance.
Learn more in our regulatory compliance program.


Reporting of irregularities  

REN provides means (online Whistleblowing Channel, email and telephone) that allow anyone to report a possible irregularity. These means are intended to guarantee conditions for the timely detection of irregular situations, protecting the whistleblower.

REN reinforced internal communication in order to make employees aware of the existence of these means of reporting irregularities.

Means of reporting irregularities

Whistleblowing Channel
Phone: 210 013 511
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