Ribeira de Pena – Vieira do Minho Double Line at 400 kV

Status Done

Start Jan 2018

End Dec 2021


Ribeira de Pena – Vieira do Minho Double Line at 400 kV 

A 400 kV power transmission line that will allow the flow of photovoltaic energy from the south and interior region to the north of the country.


The power line seeks to integrate the Portuguese National Transmission Network (RNT) in the sub-regions Alto Trás-os-Montes and Ave, in the North region of Portugal, having the following as its main goals: 

  • Ensuring an alternative to the energy flow of the power plants of the Portuguese National Programme of Dams with High Hydroelectric Potential (PNBEPH – Programa Nacional de Barragens com Elevado Potencial Hidroelétrico) located in the area of Alto Tâmega.
  • Enabling the integration of new hydroelectric plants in the North region of Portugal and creating better conditions for the evacuation of existing and planned wind power.
  • Integration of high levels of renewable energy penetration.
  • Enabling an increase in interconnection capacity between Portugal and Spain. 

Phases of the project:

  • Environmental study – 2018
  • Environmental Impact Statement - 2021
  • Establishment Licence
  • Contact with landowners (land registry survey and compensation process)
  • Construction
  • Completion of the project - 2021

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Study Area 




Final layout 



  • Ribeira de Pena 

Union of the Parishes of Ribeira de Pena and Santo Aleixo do Além 

Parish of Santa Marinha 

  • Montalegre 

Parish of Salto 

  • Cabeceiras de Basto 

Union of the Parishes of Gondiães and Vilar de Cunhas 

  • Vieira do Minho 

Union of the Parishes of Ruivães and Campos 

Technical Data Sheet:

Voltage level: 400 kV 

Line extension: 26.8 kilometres 

No. of poles: 62 

Pole heights: between 64 and 75 metres