Project no. 127

Status Done

Start Dec 2022

End Jan 2023


Use of Augmented reality to support operations at the Sines Terminal 


Improving the preparation operational procedures for the reception of a methane carrier ship at the Sines LNG Terminal through the use of augmented reality.


The use of augmented reality to support operations at the Sines Terminal enables the operator to perform a set of assisted tasks using augmented reality glasses. 

Whenever the Sines LNG Terminal receives a methane carrier there is a set of operational tasks that must be ensured. The verification of these tasks, which must be carried out 48 hours prior to the ship’s arrival, is intended to test all the equipment, tools, and materials necessary for the ship’s reception.  The goal is to ensure that when the ship berths at the jetty all operational conditions for unloading are guaranteed.  

The use of augmented reality glasses will enable the operator to carry out the verification of the procedures in an assisted manner. In other words, the checklist of procedures to be carried out for the reception of the ship is displayed on the glasses, and the operator is responsible for checking each task using voice commands.  


  • Digitisation of the ship-reception preparation process
  • Enable the operator to have their hands free to perform necessary activities
  • Possibility of remote support (call via Teams, for example).
  • Possibility of taking photos and recording
  • Interface with the MAXIMO management and maintenance system
  • Scalable solution for other areas of the Terminal, for other areas of gas, and for other business areas of REN

Project Video