Project no. 116

Status Done

Start Nov 2021

End Oct 2022


Digital Substation Project

Strengthening of the technicians' safety conditions in the work areas of electrical installations.


Improving the safety conditions for workers exposed to electrical risk in Very-High-Voltage facilities.


PDS – Projeto Digital de Subestações [Digital Substation Project] seeks to virtually delimit the work zones in very-high-voltage facilities and to monitor and cross-reference the location of workers in these zones, generating an alarm when they cross their boundaries. 

The use of augmented reality enables visualising the vertical and horizontal limits of the safe working zone in an outdoor environment, giving the worker a spatial notion of the safe and unsafe zones. Simultaneously, the real-time localisation system, supported by ultra-wide band technology, enables georeferencing the worker’s position with a high level of accuracy and speed.  
Thanks to the permanent system to monitor the worker in the work zone, whenever the worker crosses the safe zone, an alert is sent to them via a wearable device. At the same time, an alert is also sent to the central system.


  • Improved safety for workers in very-high-voltage electrical facilities.

  • Reduced risk of electrocution. 

  • Digitisation and optimisation of the preparation and execution processes, enabling greater efficiency.

  • Real-time monitoring of workers, enabling greater control of the teams.

  • Greater operational sustainability with enormous potential for applicability in other areas and infrastructures. 

Project Video