Project no. 51

Status Done

Start Jul 2020

End Jun 2023

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rePLANT – Collaborative strategies for integrated forest and wildfire management 


Developing integrated and innovative solutions that guarantee the sustainable management of Portuguese forests, so that they are cared for, protected, and a source of wealth for people, communities, and the country.


A mobilising project, rePLANT is co-financed by the PORTUGAL2020 and COMPETE2020 programmes, whose main goal is to enhance the Portuguese forests. This project is technically and scientifically coordinated by ForestWise – Laboratório Colaborativo para a Gestão Integrada da Floresta e do Fogo [Collaborative Laboratory for the Integrated Management of Forests and Fire].  It mobilises 20 entities among leading forestry sector companies and Research & Innovation (R&I) entities in a collaborative effort aimed at increasing sustainable forest management, sector competitiveness, and reducing the impact of forest fires. 

The rePLANT project brings a new perspective on integrated forest and fire management.  By joining the best of technical-scientific knowledge with the most important business fabric of the Portuguese forestry sector, rePLANT introduces more efficient and intelligent equipment for the forest, thus enabling a better environmental performance. The introduction of integrated and innovative solutions seeks to create a more sustainable forest and to reduce the impact of fires.  

REN is participating in Product, Process, or Service 2 (PPS2) – Risk Management, and seeks to create an integrated system to monitor the integrity of REN’s assets and the surrounding forest through the collection of real-time images, local meteorological information, and information on the vegetation in the surrounding area, which allows fire outbreaks to be detected as quickly as possible. 


  • Improving the fire detection and fire fighting system.

  • Increased safety for people living in forest areas, reducing the risk of fires.

  • More and better innovation in forestry operations.

  • Increasing the competitiveness and internationalisation capacity of the companies in the sector.

  • Fostering the creation of new companies and qualified jobs in the forestry sector.

  • Preservation of biodiversity. 

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