Project no. 73

Status Done

Start Apr 2020

End Dec 2021


Safety Light Interactive Protection 


Reducing the risk of electrocution during off-voltage work inside very-high-voltage electrical facilities.


SLIP – Safety Light Interactive Protection enables the creation of virtual barriers of variable configuration in the horizontal and vertical planes. These are virtual walls and ceilings that complement the existing physical barriers and delimit the work zones. 

Whenever these virtual barriers are crossed by a person, a part of the body, or even a tool, machine, or equipment, an audible alarm is emitted on site, warning workers of the non-compliance. Simultaneously, REN’s consignment supervisor receives an SMS warning of non-compliance with the limits defined in the work authorisation. The consignment supervisor will then go to the site to check on the incident and reset the alarms if it is safe to continue work.  

SLIP also enables access to a report with all the recorded occurrences (crossing-related non-compliances). 


  • Improvement of the safety of workers in very-high-voltage facilities
  • Reduced risk of electrocution
  • Possibility of a macro analysis of safety in the workplace, enabling an understanding of where prevention measures can and should be improved
  • Possibility of application in other REN facilities

Project Video