Executive Committee

Term 2021-2023

Composition of the Executive Committee

Following the General Shareholders Meeting of 9th May 2024, the Board of Directors approved to constitute an Executive Committee for the for the 2024-2026 period.

As such, until the end of the current term-of-office (2024-2026), the Executive Committee will consist of the following members:

Rodrigo Costa

Chairman of the Executive Committee

  • Date of birth: 29/08/1959
  • 1º Election: 2014
  • Year term mandate: 2026

João Faria Conceição

Executive Director

  • Date of birth: 18/04/1974
  • 1ª Election: 2009
  • Year term mandate: 2026

Gonçalo Morais Soares

Executive Director

  • Date of birth: 12/05/1971
  • 1º Election: 2012
  • Year term mandate: 2026

During 2023, the Executive Committee held 39 meetings.


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