10 March 2022

REN joins initiative that seeks to accelerate Europe’s path to decarbonisation

REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais has joined the European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB), a European initiative that includes 29 transmission infrastructure operators with the common goal of developing a cross-border hydrogen (H2) market, by using dedicated infrastructure to promote the combined effort to decarbonise the European economy. With this participation, REN positions itself in the framework of European H2 infrastructure, thus integrating national and international infrastructures for the transport of hydrogen over pipelines.
The EHB was established in 2020 and has contributed to the development of a forward-looking vision for the internal H2 market in Europe. This contribution includes setting up working groups, comprising the entire H2 value chain, in order to create a coordinated pan-European vision of transport infrastructure aiming to attest to the technical and economic feasibility of creating European corridors.
Enhanced by the recent creation of the Renewable-Gas Planning area, REN's participation in EHB initiatives promotes the role of existing gas transport and storage infrastructures in developing the role of hydrogen in the energy transition, along with the creation of an internationally competitive market, thus safeguarding the security of supply and the quality of the provided services.
Additional information about the EHB and the Gas for Climate 2050 initiative can be found at https://gasforclimate2050.eu/ehb.


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